If you are not sure what to get the special person in your life (or maybe you want to treat yourself to something special because YOU DESERVE IT!), see our recommendations for the best sexy Valentine's Day Gifts.              

eva-dame-luxury-vibrator-aqua.jpg Eva by Dame - If you want a hands-free couples vibrator but don’t want a vibrator that gets in the way during sex, then you should try the Eva. Thanks to its wings, it fits securely into the labia majora so that it vibrates on the clitoris so that both partners feel pleasure.

Fun Factory Stronic Pulsator - Whether you choose the Stronic EinsStronic DreiStronic Zwei, or Fusion you won't be disappointed. It's a mini sex machine. These pulsators do not vibrate. Instead they mimic the back and forth movement of penetration either vaginally or anally. Try a pulsator and experience a different kind of pleasure.  

G Vibe G Plug Vibrating Butt Plug -The G-Plug is a vibrating butt plug that can either also be remote controlled by the G-Ring. Powerful, waterproof and rechargeable.


Laid P3 Penis Ring - If you are new to penis rings, the best one to start with is a luxury ring made of 100% silicone that stretches to fit the penis. Penis rings are designed to help you last longer giving you a more intense orgasm.


Luz de la Riva Edible Massage Oil - Made from all natural ingredients this edible massage oil is truly delicious with NO aftertaste. Edible massage oil is an excellent way to get sexual play started! Choose from these yummy flavors: Forbidden Fruit; Dulce de Leche; and Cacao Picante. 

mysteryvibe-crescendo-bending.gif MysteryVibe Crescendo - Crescendo is a body-adaptable smart G-spot vibrator for solo play or couples play. Simply bend Crescendo with your hand into any shape for a customized experience. Crescendo has 6 different places where it bends and 6 powerful and quiet motors. This luxury sex toy can be inserted into more than one pleasure zone.

ON Clitoral Arousal Gel - Women need approximately 10 - 40 minutes to get aroused. ON Arousal allows her to get aroused quicker and also has the benefits of producing a stronger more intense orgasm! This all natural cinnamon oil based arousal oil goes on at room temperature and then slowly starts to tingle, bringing the blood flow down to the clitoris to kick start her natural lubrication and arousal. A MUST for everyone! (Also available in Ice, a cooling version.)

*NOT recommended for people with almond allergies.


Promescent Delay Gel - This over-the-counter, topical PE medication is for anyone to last longer during sex. Applied directly onto the penis, its patented absorption technology is the key to providing ejaculation control. Developed by a doctor, this male desensitizer allows you to be ready for sex in 10 minutes!


Pulse 3 SOLO and DUO – Whether you want a male vibrator for solo play (Pulse 3 SOLO) or couples play (Pulse 3 DUO), the improved Pulse 3 is the best discreet and powerful vibrating masturbator on the market. With 25% ore power and a turbo function, the Pulse 3 vibrator for men uses strong oscillations on the frenulum for the best orgasm of his life! This masturbator for men can be used with a hard or flaccid penis. PULSE 3 Duo comes with a remote control and vibrates on the underside for use with a partner.



Sliquid Silver Silicone Lubricant - Everyone needs lube. It makes sex or masturbation better and more slick. Sliquid Silver is a non-sticky/tacky silicone lubricant. It never stops and just keeps going and going and going. It's excellent for sex, masturbation or water play.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not use silicone lubricant with silicone sex toys.

we-vibe-sync-couples-vibrator-aqua-main.jpg  We-Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator - This dual stimulation vibrator (stimulating the clitoris and the G-spot) can be used for solo or couples play. Worn by her during sex, this remote controlled vibrator allows both partners to experience pleasure at the same time. It is adjustable for a custom fit. The We-Vibe Sync is controlled with a standard remote control and/or your smartphone from anywhere in the world. It's great for couples who travel or who just want to get the fun started from your way home from work!

We-Vibe Wish External Vibrator - The We-Vibe Wish vibrator is an excellent vibrator for beginners because it is perfectly shaped to stimulate the vulva with deep sensations. Similar to a wand massager, Wish offers broad stimulation. Pushing into the product stimulates both the external and internal clitoral nerves. Wish also has a tapered tip that is used for more focused vibration, especially on the clitoris.