Aneros Evi Kegel Exerciser

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Aneros Evi Kegel Exerciser

The velvety soft Aneros Evi is a revolutionary shaped kegel exerciser. It is designed for comfort and recommended by sex educators and experts over traditional kegel balls. A hands free kegel exerciser with no vibrations guarantees users a sensual experience like no other. Not only are the PC muscles being exercised, but the G-spot and clitoris are also stimulated. Kegel balls don't do that!

Why do you need the Evi Kegel Exerciser? Well toned pelvic floor muscles help you have mulitple, more intense orgams more often. Kegel exercises, where the pelvic floor muscles are tightened and drawn up and then relaxed briefly, are even more effective when worked against some resistance. 

How it works: Lay on your back and pul both knees up slightly. Insert the rounder thicker part into the vagina, while the thinner part rests on the clitoris. (Please be sure to use personal lubricant here or you might not feel any of the advantages of the Evi working on the clitoris.) You should now feel pressure on the G-spot. The Aneros Evi is held in place by the pelvic floor muscles. When you move, the kegel exerciser pivots and holds its shape (because it is firm) while still being comfortable. The pivoting inside and outside causes the Aneros Evi Kegel Exerciser to stimulate both the G-spot and clitoris.


  • Unique hand free design
  • Requires no vibration
  • Stimulates the Clitoris & G-spot
  • Velvet touch phthalate free silicone
  • Designed to fit ALL women
  • Discreet storage box included
Measures | 5.7"
Insertable Length | 3.5"
Weighs | 3.3 oz.
Want more info? See the Aneros Evi Kegel Exerciser User Guide.