PULSE 3 SOLO and DUO Masturbator by Hot Octopuss

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PULSE 3 SOLO and DUO Masturbator by Hot Octopuss

PULSE is an innovative masturbator or vibrator for men that uses oscillation technology to stimulate a man's most sensitive area of the penis: the frenulum. In addition to being a great male masturbator, PULSE can also be used as a remote controlled couples sex toy used during foreplay. It is the first male sex toy that offers the man as much fun and stimulation as the woman. The PulsePlate inside the toy delivers waves of vibration to the frenulum and the underside also vibrates so that she feels pleasure as well. Read more about the male anatomy.

A man does not need to have an erection to use the PULSE frenulum vibrator. A man can feel what it is like for a toy to make him hard. This is an excellent toy for men who experience occasional erectile dysfunction (ED).

How is the PULSE 3 SOLO and DUO different from the PULSE 2 SOLO and DUO?

  • 25% more power
  • Turbo function - press and hold the "+" button to go maximum power
  • Anti-stall sensor which drives extra power to the PulsePlate
  • Pulse 3 DUO delivers more power for your partner, which is adjusted via the remote control
  • Magnetic USB charging

How is the PULSE 3 DUO different from the PULSE 3 SOLO?

  • Designed for couples play
  • Soft vibrating underside - vibrations for her
  • Remote controlled vibrator
  • Independently adjustable vibrations for her with remote control



This hands free male masturbator can be used with or without lubricant as a static stimulator:

  1. Use water based lubricant and lubricate the penis. Slide the penis inside the wings or simply spread the wings to position the penis making sure that the frenulum is pressed against the PulsePlate. Press the "+" button to turn the toy on. 
  2. Use NO lubricant and insert the penis with the frenulum pressed against the PulsePlate. use PULSE as a static stimulator. Place the flaccid penis inside the toy and press the frenulum against the PuslePlate. As he gets hard, the wings of the toy will expand until the toy fits snugs around the penis.

Used either way, the PlusePlate provides stimulation directly to the frenulum. This is a sensation unlike any other and results in more intense and extended orgasms thanks to the unique placement of the toy's stimulation points.


PULSE 3 DUO is worn by him but is enjoyed by both partners. This couples sex toy can be used hands free allowing you to focus on each other and not the toy. Just like the SOLO, DUO can be used flaccid or erect, during foreplay and even during shallow penetration in numerous positions.

  1. On Top position: Worn on the penis, the woman's labia and clitoris feel the vibration of the underside of the toy, which is controlled by the remote. With the woman's bodyweight holding the toy in place, the couple can enjoy hands-free foreplay.
  2. Missionary position: Worn on the penis, the woman's labia and clitoris feel the vibration of the underside of the toy. With the man's bodyweight holding the toy in place, the couple can enjoy hands-free foreplay. 

What is PulsePlate Technology? PULSE is based on Penile Vibratory Stimulation (PVS), which involves a custom-designed mechanical vibrator that helps men with spinal injuries ejaculate. Medical research has shown that oscillations applied in a very specific way can create deep and powerful orgasms for men. The PulsePlate is a patented system that delivers strong oscillations (thanks to piston movement) rather than weak vibrations.


How is the PULSE different from other male vibrators? The oscillations are intense and deep, and the toy targets the man's most sensitive area, the frenulum.

This male vibrator is small, light and discreet. It is made with black matte silicone and features the PulsePlate on the base, with two flexible "wings" that curve upwards around the shaft. We recommend only using water-based lubricant and sex toy cleaner.

PULSE 3 Masturbator Features:

  • Discreet and small male vibrator that stimulates the frenulum
  • Can be used flaccid or erect
  • Soft matt silicone
  • Wings expand around the penis
  • 5 stimulation modes
  • Turbo function
  • Anti-stall sensor
  • USB magnetic charging and battery warning light
  • DUO: Vibrating ribs inside toy and vibrating female stimulation area outside toy with remote control
  • 100% waterproof


Measures | 4.5" x 2.7"d

Weighs | 5.9 oz.

Please note: Initial charge can take up to 4 hours.

Silicone | ABS Plastic
USB Rechargeable