Slip Guard Condom Securer

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Slip Guard Condom Securer

If you have experienced condom slippage, the Slip Guard Condom Securer keeps condoms securely in place and doubles as the world's slimmest penis ring.

The Slip Guard is made with 100% food grade silicon. The profile of the Slip Guard is so slim that it can go unnoticed during sex. Its double ringed design makes it perfect for safe constriction. 

Clean the Slip Guard with soap and water.

How to use: Place the unrolled condom on your erect penis prior to sex. Holding the Slip Guard with both index fingers, stretch in opposing directions until the diameter is large enough to pass over the shaft of the penis. The Slip Guard should rest on the shaft of the penis and the base of the condom. Make sure the Slip Guard to ensure it is securely seated with one ring on either side of the base of the condom. 


  • Eliminates condom slippage
  • Doubles as penis ring to constrict blood flow
  • Easy to use and wash