Shanna Katz's Sensual Sensations Sex Kit

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Shanna Katz's Sensual Sensations Sex Kit

Everyone needs to connect with their partner. An excellent way to experience intimacy is through massage and sensation play, both of which can be very erotic. Carefully chosen by Shanna Katz, a renown sexologist, this sex kit includes everything you need to get started: how to book on massage; massage oil candle; spanking paddle; and feather teaser.

Learn more about how to introduce sensation play.

Try something different and rev up your romance with Shanna' Katz's Sensual Sensations Sex Kit!

Sex kit includes:

  1. The Book of Masssage by Lucind Lidell
  2. Jimmyjane AFTERGLOW Massage Candle (Please Choose Preferred Color)
  3. Ruff Doggies Styles Madame's Mystique Paddle 
  4. LELO Tantra Feather Teaser (Please Choose Preferred Color)


Shanna Katz, M.Ed, ACS  is a board certified sexologist, sexuality educator and professional pervert. From topics like optimizing communication to consensual non-monogamy, and oral sex to how sexuality and dis/ability intersect, she talks, writes and teaches about the huge spectrum of sexuality, both from personal and professional perspectives. She’s using her Master’s of Sexuality Education to provide accessible, open-source sex education to people around the country. For more info, please visit her sexuality education site,