Anal Sex Kit

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Anal Sex Kit

Anal play is another way to spice things up in the bedroom. Why would you want to try anal play? Because it feels good! This part of the body has many sensory nerve endings and pleasure points. When stimulated alone or along with the clitoris, it can lead to incredible orgasms.

(Women have about 8000 sensory nerve endings in their clitoris. Some of those nerve endings reach as far as the anus. Not only do the anus and clitoris share many sensory nerves, a thin membrane is all that separates the vaginal cavity from the rectal cavity. Therefore, stimulating the clitoris during anal penetration helps some women achieve orgasm.)

My Secret Luxury's Anal Sex Kit will guide you on your next chapter of your anal exploration and is excellent for beginners anal play. This sex gift includes everything that you need for anal play and pleasure.

If you have already tried touching the anal opening with a finger and it feels good, then the next step is to try an anal plug. Start small with a great beginner plug, like the Fun Factory Bootie Plug. Crafted out of medical-grade silicone, this simple butt plug offers flexibility with the necessary firmness for pleasure! Also included in the kit is an organic anal desensitizer, which does not dumb the sphincter or cause tearing. Anal lubricant is always suggested during anal play. Use a thicker anal lubricant, which stays on longer and provides a more comfortable feeling by reducing friction. All toys should be cleaned before and after each use, especially anal toys.

Sex kit includes:

  1. Fun Factory Bootie Anal Plug
  2. Intimate Earth Adventure Women's Relaxing Anal Spray
  3. Intimate Earth Green Tea Tree Oil Foaming Toy Cleanser, 100 ml. 
  4. Intimate Earth Soothe Water-based Lubricant 4 oz.