We define luxury products as:
Performance, quality, design, and durability that is strikingly superior to other products in the market.

We use this definition to evaluate every product we sell. Afterall, we are a luxury sex toys expert. We conduct meticulous research, perform product comparisons, and in many cases test the products. 

However, superior performance, highest quality materials, outstanding design, and lasting durability are not enough. We carefully curate our product selection and apply editorial judgment to select items that don’t just look good on paper but feel good on/in/near your body. Pleasure does not come simply from a motor with the highest RPMs or from an unusual shape. Pleasure comes from the knowledge that you are using something truly remarkable.

We will NOT sell…

    • Pornography | While we appreciate a great erotic movie as much as anyone, we believe pornography is a deeply personal choice, and it’s not our role to make editorial decisions about what type of content to include. There are plenty of places you can go to find porn, and we don’t think we can find a meaningful way to contribute.
    • Pills/Supplements | Because we have researched and reviewed every product that we sell and stand behind their quality, we can only sell products that we believe in. Our opinion is that pills/supplements simply do not work. While many people may derive benefits from these products, we simply choose to avoid them all together.
    • Gag/Novelty Products | We take sex and romance very seriously. While we believe humor and laughter are critical components of a healthy sex life, we don’t think silly gags and practical jokes are consistent with our brand philosophy. If you are looking for blow up dolls or vagina shaped candy, you won’t find them here. Blow up dolls and vagina candy are NOT secret and most certainly NOT luxury.