Kinklab Padded Leather Blindfold

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Kinklab Padded Leather Blindfold

The Kinklab Padded Leather Blindfold is an excellent BDSM accessory for your toy box!

This blindfold is comfortable with a wide elastic band that stretches to fit most people. Inside the blindfold, it has a soft padded area that fits gently against the eyes for a comfortable and total blackout effect.

The outside of this bondage accessory features black leather that is accented with black stitches for a sophisticated touch. 

Blindfolds or masks are sensory toys. When one of the senses are removed those remaining become heightened. The blind fold wearer will have a heightened sense of smell, touch and hearing. There is also a heightened sense of anticipation and suspense which can substantially increase the user’s pleasure and satisfaction. 


  • full coverage for a blackout effect
  • contoured padding for a comfortable fit
  • elastic band fits most