JimmyJane Love Pods

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JimmyJane Love Pods

Jimmy Jane Love Pods are small yet powerful easy to hold luxury vibrators.

This trio of vibrators: Coral, Halo, and OM, introduce ergonomic new shapes, each with unique revolutionary vibration options. The Love Pods’ shapes are each inspired by Greek Goddesses and symbols of feminine desire.

CORAL is inspired by the shell of Venus and represents desire, excitement and seduction. The center of Coral's round shape has a deep groove, which features two powerful motors - one on each side of the ridges. Unlike other luxury vibrators, the vibration in Coral will alternate rolling from one side to the next. This feels similar to  a flickering sensation. Designed to surround the clitoris in vibration, Coral can be used to stroke, roll or easily hold in place for stimulation. Measures | 2.32" x 2.36" x .39" 10 vibration patterns | 7 speeds

HALO is a salute to Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love and desire. It features three powerful vibrating tip inside surrounded by a flexible silicone lip. The rim tickles and teases the labia while creating a light suction sensation. With the revolutionary Cyclonic Technology, vibration is sent in a circular motion from one tip to the next. This circles the clitoris or nipples for ultimate stimulation. (Fan Favorite) Measures | 2.4" x 2.36" x 1.73"

OM is inspired by the Lotus flower, a symbol of beauty and sexuality. It has a powerful motor and oscillation to provide deep and rumbling vibrations. The rumbling vibration resonates into the body, as the ridges mimic your crevices between the fingers. Ergonomic to hold and use, OM was designed to heighten arousal by rolling over your body. The tip is excellent for pinpoint stimulation of the clitoris or wherever you wish. Measures | 2..76" x 2.36" x .39"

TRE has the perfect harmony of body, soul and spirit. Featuring three powerful motors, TRE uses Cyclonic technology to send rotating vibrations through all three motors. TRE sends vibration and the sensual movement of energy swirling around your clitoris in a whirlwind of pleasure. Measures | 3.25" x 2.25"

All Love Pods are USB rechargeable. You simply charge the base with the Love Pod is sitting inside it. Store your Love Pod in it's base for easy storage.

Your Love Pod is 100% waterproof. Therefore, we recommend cleaning your Love Pod with sex toy cleaner

How to use the Love Pods: Hold the "~" button for 3 seconds to power on the luxury vibrator. To change the vibration pattern, press the "~" button. To change the speed, press the "+" or "-" button. To lock your Love Pod, press the "~" and the "+" together for 1.5 seconds.


Love Pods Features:

  • Powerful and quiet vibrations
  • Comfortable size and easy to hold
  • Medical grade silicone and stainless steel
  • Travel lock
  • USB rechargeable 
  • Easy to use with 10 vibration patterns | 7 speeds
  • Great for couples or solo play
  • 100% waterproof
  • 1-year warranty