Bubble Love


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Bubble Love

Bath time or me time will never be the same  . . . 

If you use enjoy shower head masturbation or water masturbation, you will love the Bubble Love personal pleasure jet. This discreet sex toy delivers millions of tiny pulsating bubbles for an amazing water orgasm! 

You can also add pulse patterns to your experience. To get a pulsing bubble stream, simply cover the suction hole temporarily – and pulse your fingers!

Bubble Love is the first submersible, handheld bubble jet, ergonomically designed that alls you to control the intensity of the massage. It suctions onto your bath tub so that it stays put. Bubble Love operates in water depths from 6" to 28".

The Dilly attachment fits snugly into the socket directly below the bubble jet on the Bubble Love creating dual satisfaction with both internal and external stimulation. The Dilly is the perfect partner for Bubble Love and is custom crafted to only fit the Bubble Love unit.

How to use Bubble Love: Fill your bath tub to your normal bath depth. After you get in the water with the toy, the water level must be above the bubble jet nozzle so air bubbles will shoot out. The air control heart at the top of the handle has a hole which must be above the water line to allow air to suck into Bubble Love. If the water level is above the air control heart, you need to insert the included air tubing and use the ball float for extended air intake. Switch on the device and hold the handle with the bubble jet facing you, and aim at wherever needs a massage. Typical use is approximately 10 minutes.

Bubble Love Measures | 6" x 7.5"

Bubble Love Weighs | 1.75 lbs

Not recommended for pregnant women or to be used as a vaginal or anal douche.

Hard Plastic
Wall Charger
Charing Time:
Up to 5 Hours
Up to 1 Hour
1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty