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Anal Sexual Play 101

Anal sexual play is more than just penetration. It includes everything you do with the butt cheeks, perineum or t’aint, anal opening, prostate, and inside the anus. This might include tickling, stroking, massaging, spanking, flogging, using a vibrator, fingering, licking, or penetrating.
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Anal Play - Luxury Sex Toys

Anal play is a great way to change things up in the bedroom. This area of the body is full of nerve endings and when stimulated, can lead to amazing orgasms.

Read more about anal play in My Secret Luxury's Anal Sex 101 and How to Introduce Anal Play. If you are looking for enema solutions, you can find them here.

If you have more questions, please speak to Kait, My Secret Luxury's sex educator for a FREE 15 minute consultation. Contact Kait here.