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Luxury Prostate Massagers and Prostate Vibrators

Did you know that the prostate orgasm is about 30% stronger than a penile orgasm? The male orgasm is bigger, more intense, and longer lasting when the prostate is stimulated. 

Myth: The prostate massage is only for gay men.

FACT: 71% of straight men in a relationship have tried or would consider trying a prostate massager. Anal stimulation does NOT make you gay. What makes you gay is determined by the partner you are with.

Myth: The prostate massage if only for medical reasons.

FACT: The prostate massge is not just medical, it's also VERY pleasurable.

Myth: There NO difference between a prostate orgasm and a penile orgasm OR the penile orgasm is stronger than the prostate orgasm.

FACT: Studies show that the prostate orgasm is STRONGER than a penile orgasm.

Prostate massagers stimulate the p-spot and improve the health of the prostate. Prostate vibrators are male vibrators that use vibration to stimulate the prostate.

My Secret Luxury only sells the best prostate toys made from the finest materials from the best manufacturers who understand the prostate.