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BONDaids Handcuffs

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BONDaids Handcuffs


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BONDaids Handcuffs

If you don't like the feeling of leather handcuffs or think that silk ties are just not secure enough, then BONDaids Handcuffs is for you! These faux fur bondage restraints allow you to secure your partner safely anywhere at anytime. BONDaids can be used to secure the wrists behind the back or add a second pair to also secure the ankles. Don't worry: any way you use them, you will feel tied up but comfortable.

These patent pending faux fur handcuff are self-tightening but will never cut off circulation. With the loop through system, you’ll never be fumbling with any difficult and annoying buckles. Unsurpassed softness and strength, fully adjustable, easy to remove, BONDaids will not chafe or damage your skin.

Each set of BONDaids Handcuffs are packaged in a beautiful black and red satin drawstring bag.

Not sure how to begin? Learn how to introduce sensation play.


  • 100% Polyester
  • Handcuffs measures 27" x 5"
  • Includes black and red satin drawn string bag

How to use: 

  1. Fold grommet end over flat end and pull fur through the grommet
  2. Place wrist in cuff and pull to tighten